Laivu Projektai Ltd - Ship Design & Broker & Building Consultancy
We can design any type of vessel
Seagoing Vessels
YachtsPassengerCargo/ContainerSemi Submersible Heavy Lift Catamaran
Multipurpose Deepsea TugSea/River Going Cargo/ContainerSea/River Going Tanker
Inland waterway Vessels
Day tripPassengerCargo/ContainerCombi Cargo/Container
TankerSand CarrierLiving BoatFishing
Pushed BargesPleasure craftPleasure BoatPushers
We do modernization projects:
AftpartFore/Mid partPropulsion systemBow form modernization
We are designing and assisting in delivery of mechanical parts:
Rudder systemsShaftlinesWinchesNozzles
Piping systemsPumping systemsWheelhouse columns
We can also support in creating of:
DesignAccomodation arrangementInteriorWheelhouse arrangement
We are making models of ships:
ThreantLady Line  
We also do building assistance and support in arrangement of projects on shipyards:
Construction buildingShaftline installationEngine installationOutfitting and finishing
3D visualization, 3D animation, 3D printing:
3D visualization3D animation3D Senter PrintingA0 Printing and Scanning


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